Groovincible Wins 2016 Best Funk SAMMIE!


We are absolutely floored. Thanks to the readers of the Sacramento News & Review for awarding us “Best Funk” in 2016! It meant a lot to us that we finally took one of these bad boys home!

Big Ups to Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Recording for making our home recordings sound legit, we love you Joe! This FUNK award wouldn’t be possible without the talents of the funkiest cats in Sacramento… Samuel Phelps & Brian Chris Rogers, two monster musicians with amazing feel and electric stage presence.

Much love to Alexander Voudouris, a critical member of our team who has been there since the beginning–often behind the scenes turning knobs and hosting late night recording/rehearsal sessions.

Finally, one cannot forget to mention the extended GROOVINCIBLE family, those that have contributed to our recordings and live performances: Tony Marks, Noah Nelson, Damian Sol, Dean Haakenson, Robert Gillis, Sacsown Riz, Joshua Cambridge, Mark H. Miller, Anthony Coleman II, Edward Hurff, & Catie Murphy Turner. This award belongs to you guys!

View the full list of this year’s winners here.

Nominated for a 2016 SAMMIE!


We are happy to announce that Groovincible has been nominated for a 2016 SAMMIE AWARD (for the third time in a row) by the readers of SN&R! Thanks you guys!

Groovincible is honored to be listed among the finest bands in Sacramento. We don’t actively campaign for nominations, so it means SOOO MUCH to us that you guys chose US to represent Sacramento for BEST FUNK. If you wanna check out the full list of nominees click HERE. If you wish to vote, you can do so HERE.

Voting ends March 7th, 2016

Jacob Gleason of Groovincible performing with Bellygunner at the Sammies!


This photo was featured on Capitol Public Radio‘s website.

Members of three SAMMIE Nominated bands: Bellygunner, Groovincible, and Element Brass Band teamed up to deliver a 9-piece hybrid band! Read more about the SAMMIES Award show here!


The complete Bellygunner set from the Sacramento News & Review Sammies Award Show. Jacob Gleason (Tenor Sax from Groovincible) worked with Christopher Gabriel Nelson to make the horn chart for “Sextoy Sextoy” and it was performed by Chris Hall on Baritone Sax, and Aaron Smith & Justin Au (from Element Brass Band) on Trumpet at Ace of Spades.

Groovincible Nominated for a 2015 SAMMIE!


We are happy to announce that Groovincible has been nominated for a SAMMIE AWARD (for the second time) by the readers of SN&R! Thanks y’all!

Groovincible is honored to be listed among the finest bands in sac like Ideateam, Sunmonks, Bellygunner, and many more!

We don’t actively campaign for nominations so it means SOOO MUCH to us that you guys chose us to represent Sacramento for BEST FUNK.

We’re doing our best to continue putting out great music that we believe in! We’re going into Pus Cavern Recording on February 25th to mix our new tracks and we’re dropping the first one at the ZuhG CD release party at Harlows Restaurant & Night Club on March 14th!

Rumors are that members of Groovincible will be re-uniting with their former bandmates to perform some old ZuhG tunes, so don’t miss out!!

If you wanna check out the full list of nominees follow click HERE.

Nominated for a SAMMIE Award!

Photo by Dennis Scott


Groovincible is Nominated for a 2013 Sacramento Area Music Award!

Thank you to the readers of the Sacramento News & Review for nominating us in the FUNK category this year. We definitely did not expect it and are honored to be listed among some really great bands (who are also friends of ours) like Isaac Bear, Idea Team, and Joy & Madness. Groovincible is very grateful to be recognized as a group that is making some noise in this town and will continue to work hard to put out music that we believe in.

In related news, our brothers in ZuhG have been inducted into the SAMMIES Hall of Fame this year! It feels good to know that we were all part of something that really resonated with a lot of people out there and we wish them the best with their future music-making endeavors.  We also want to congratulate DJ Rated R, Be Brave Bold Robot, and Pus Cavern Recording for achieving Hall of Fame status this year.

For more info on how to cast your vote for the 2013 Sacramento Area Music Awards visit

Groovincible featured in Submerge Magazine #139


“Sing Me a Song” by Jenn Walker in Submerge Magazine on June 24th, 2013.

Bianca Wright and Jacob Gleason of Groovincible spoke with Jenn Walker of Submerge Magazine about their new album, the creative process, which HBO series they prefer, and how the band formed. Groovincible is promoting a super-funky show this friday at The Blue Lamp in Sacramento with HANS! & the Hot Mess and openers Redleaf. Click on the magazine cover above and turn to pages 20 & 21 for the full scoop!

“If I’m going to be up there on stage I like everything I do to be ‘real.’ I like to set the vibe and be comfortable with people, looking at people, looking at who I’m singing to.”

Bianca Wright, Groovincible


Groovincible is Music Pick of the Week in SN&R!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Blue Lamp, 9 p.m., $7
1400 Alhambra Boulevard


Groovincible (Band w/ Instruments)

Local group plays groovy, interesting and danceable tunes.

Local band Groovincible isn’t just going through the motions playing the same-old tired dance tunes. In fact, its name is short for “grooving, interesting, danceable music.” It mixes a bit of jazz, soul and psychedelic influences all with a smooth edge—like a softer, funkier Morcheeba. The trio started out as members of the Sacramento group ZuhG, but quit to start Groovincible. Singer Bianca Wright has a sultry voice that might be something you’d hear at a smoky jazz club, yet there’s nothing retro about her. She brings flair to the band’s light-as-a-feather grooves. The music is so cool, you don’t necessarily need to dance to it—it’s good for just kicking back.