Groovincible featured in Submerge Magazine #139


“Sing Me a Song” by Jenn Walker in Submerge Magazine on June 24th, 2013.

Bianca Wright and Jacob Gleason of Groovincible spoke with Jenn Walker of Submerge Magazine about their new album, the creative process, which HBO series they prefer, and how the band formed. Groovincible is promoting a super-funky show this friday at The Blue Lamp in Sacramento with HANS! & the Hot Mess and openers Redleaf. Click on the magazine cover above and turn to pages 20 & 21 for the full scoop!

“If I’m going to be up there on stage I like everything I do to be ‘real.’ I like to set the vibe and be comfortable with people, looking at people, looking at who I’m singing to.”

Bianca Wright, Groovincible