Nominated for a 2016 SAMMIE!


We are happy to announce that Groovincible has been nominated for a 2016 SAMMIE AWARD (for the third time in a row) by the readers of SN&R! Thanks you guys!

Groovincible is honored to be listed among the finest bands in Sacramento. We don’t actively campaign for nominations, so it means SOOO MUCH to us that you guys chose US to represent Sacramento for BEST FUNK. If you wanna check out the full list of nominees click HERE. If you wish to vote, you can do so HERE.

Voting ends March 7th, 2016

New Single from Drunken Kungfu feat. members of Groovincible!


Sam Phelps – Vocals, Keys, Guitars, Bass
Matt Klee – Drums
Bianca Wright – Vocals
Lara Ullery – Vocals
Jacob Gleason – Saxophones, Artwork


Lyrics by Sam Phelps. Music produced by Drunken Kungfu. Engineered and Edited by Sam Phelps and Rich Tereshinski.

Mixed by Rich Tereshinski at Freedom Ring Productions, Sacramento CA.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2015.